Legend of Zelda Player Cards [pic]

It isn’t very often that I get to do much gaming with a deck of playing cards (I don’t even know where my cards are anymore), but I do appreciate a good game of poker or solitaire on occasion at sites like 벳무브.  Well, for those that also enjoy playing with a deck of cards as well as the Legend of Zelda, they are sure to like these awesome Legend of Zelda inspired playing cards!

The obviously cool folks over at Fangamer are selling these Legend of Zelda playing cards for just $15.  The card deck is actually called the Cards of Legend and it includes 56 cards featuring the suits sword, heart, rupee, and tri-force.

The cards are printed on Bicycle grade paper so they should feel just like the Bicycle playing cards you are used to.  This would be the perfect deck for any Legend of Zelda fans like me!

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Legend of Zelda Card Deck
Legend of Zelda Playing Cards

[Source:  Fangamer via Nerd Approved]


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