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  • Awesome Legend of Zelda Playing Cards [pic]

    Back in November, I posted some a cool deck of Legend of Zelda playing cards that any poker addicted Legend of Zelda fan would love.  As cool as they are, I prefer the look of the Legend of Zelda playing cards below that are a Japanese import!  They might be twice the price but I […]

  • Legend of Zelda Player Cards [pic]

    It isn’t very often that I get to do much gaming with a deck of playing cards (I don’t even know where my cards are anymore), but I do appreciate a good game of poker or solitaire on occasion at sites like 벳무브.  Well, for those that also enjoy playing with a deck of cards […]

  • The Ladies of Star Wars Playing Cards [pic]

    Its rare that I play any card games with real cards these days, but for those times when the power goes out and you are craving a game of Solitaire, now you can play it with all of your favorite Star Wars ladies!  This geeky playing cards deck includes 55 pictures of various Star Wars […]

  • Pokemon card dress [pic]

    I’ve seen clothing made out of some crazy things in the past but never out of Pokemon cards.  Apparently the girl in this picture has an extreme love of Pokemon to the point that she took a bunch of Pokemon trading cards and made a dress, some armor and a sword out of them.  For […]