Fantastic Futurama Fingernail Art [pic]

A few days ago I posted some great Zoidberg fingernail art and while it was very impressive (especially how the person was able to contort their fingers to make them line up perfectly), I think this Futurama fingernail art blows Zoidberg right out of the water!

Of course this fantastic Futurama fingernail art includes Zoidberg (because why not Zoidberg?), but it also includes the show’s logo, Bender, Fry and Leela!

Blogspot user Nevorpurify is the fingernail artist behind these amazing Futurama fingernails and I would say she did an amazing job!  I am very impressed with how well they turned out!  I think Fry is probably my favorite part of this fingernail art although I really like it all!

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Futurama Nail Art
Futurama Fingernail Art

[Source:  Nevorpurify’s Nail Art Via Comedy Central]



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