Need a Manicure? Why Not Zoidberg Fingernail Art! [pic]

I have posted a ton of awesome fingernail art on Global Geek News in the past such as the amazing Dark Knight Rises fingernail art and some fantastic Super Mario Bros fingernail art.  However, it wasn’t until I saw these Futurama fingers that I asked myself, why not Zoidberg?  So, here is some awesome Zoidberg fingernail art!

Apparently Reddit user arface is the person sporting this rather fantastic Zoidberg fingernail art.  However the question I really have is not ‘why not Zoidberg?’ but rather how do you get your fingers to line up like that?!  Maybe my hand just isn’t flexible enough but it just doesn’t even seem possible for the thumb and middle finger to line up like that.  And now I have a hand cramp.

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Futurama Zoidberg Fingernail Art
Zoidberg Fingernail Art

[Source:  Reddit]






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