If Iron Man and a Cyberman Had a Baby It Would Look Like This [pic]

Over the past week or so, a few images have been released showing some Cybermen marching around the Doctor Who set for an episode set to air next year.  Well, apparently one Iron Man fan decided to take one of those images and work their photoshop magic on it to turn a Cyberman into an Iron Man version of the Cybermen.  Very clever!

Unfortunately, I don’t know who is the geeky person is that made this Doctor Who / Iron Man mash-up (if you know who they are, let us know in the comments below so we can give them credit), but they did a fantastic job with this picture!  If I had any cosplay making skills, I would love to sport some Iron Cyberman cosplay at some sci-fi conventions next year.

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Iron Man / Cyberman Mash-up
The Iron Cyberman

[Via Geeks are Sexy]


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