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  • Link Meets Ezio in This Awesome Mash-Up Cosplay

    Link Meets Ezio in This Awesome Mash-Up Cosplay

    This morning I was kind of struggling to find something to post on here for my usual Wednesday post yet I found myself with an abundance of post ideas for my Fanboy Fashion blog so I decided to take one of those and post it on here since I hardly ever post cosplay on here […]

  • Ghostbuster Pac-Man Shirt [pic]

    In case you have never really thought about it before (I know I hadn’t before seeing this shirt), Pac-Man is a Ghostbuster.  Of course he doesn’t use all of the fancy equipment that the real Ghostbusters use and he doesn’t have to worry about crossing the streams, but in this awesome t-shirt he does! The […]

  • If Iron Man and a Cyberman Had a Baby It Would Look Like This [pic]

    Over the past week or so, a few images have been released showing some Cybermen marching around the Doctor Who set for an episode set to air next year.  Well, apparently one Iron Man fan decided to take one of those images and work their photoshop magic on it to turn a Cyberman into an […]

  • Super Mario Bros and Star Wars Mash-up T-Shirt $10 TODAY ONLY! [pic]

    When Super Mario goes down the wrong warp pipe and is sent to a galaxy far far away, one thing is for sure…the plumber will strike back!  OK, that might not be the best opening line I have ever written on a blog post (although I kind of like it when I read it in […]

  • This Zombie Star Wars Cake is Evil! [pic]

    Have you ever wondered what it would look like if you crossed zombies with Star Wars?  Well, I bet you never thought the result could be delicious! While I have never been fond of the whole zombie thing, I do love Star Wars and thought this cake was a pretty clever mash-up between the two. […]

  • Darth Vader TRON Mash-up [pic]

    I never gave any thought to a Star Wars / TRON mash-up before but this Darth Vader with a TRON look is awesome!  I think it gives Darth Vader a really cool look!  Too bad I don’t have my Darth Vader costume from when I was a kid (I still have the helmet in my […]