Zombie Iron Man Cosplay [pics]

Although I have never understood why people seem to be so fascinated with zombies, it seems like there is nothing that is safe from getting the zombie treatment these days.  Not too long ago, I posted a rather scary looking Stormtrooper zombie and before that, some horrifying Angry Birds zombies and now it looks like Iron Man has gotten into the act.

The cosplayer inside of this horrifying zombie Iron Man costume is cosplayer Kyosti Kallio and the photographer was Adam Jay.

I’ve seen some great Iron Man cosplay in the past, but they are nothing compared to this amazing Iron Man zombie!  The scary, beat up look of this suit is extremely impressive!  If there is ever an Iron Man zombie movie, they should contact this person to make the costume!

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Zombie Iron Man
Zombie Iron Man Cosplay
Zombie Iron Man
Zombie Iron Man Cosplay

[Via: Fashionably Geek]






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