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  • Half-Life 2 Headcrab Necklace [pic]

    Are you looking for something gaming related yet slightly gross to hang around your neck?  If you answered yes, then I think I have found the necklace for you!  Nothing says I love Half-Life quite like a headcrab dangling from around your neck. Etsy seller ParanoiamitSahne is selling this awesome looking Half-Life 2 inspired headcrab […]

  • Zombie Iron Man Cosplay [pics]

    Although I have never understood why people seem to be so fascinated with zombies, it seems like there is nothing that is safe from getting the zombie treatment these days.  Not too long ago, I posted a rather scary looking Stormtrooper zombie and before that, some horrifying Angry Birds zombies and now it looks like […]

  • This Zombie Stormtrooper Will Give Any Star Wars Fan Nightmares [pic]

    I’ve never really been one who has cared for zombie related stuff which is why you almost never see anything zombie related posted on here, but I had to make an exception for this awesome zombie Stormtrooper cosplay. I’m not sure who this awesome zombie Stormtrooper cosplayer is (if you know, please let us know […]

  • Zombie Superman Cosplay Will Give You Nightmares [pic]

    For those that look for something that will help give them nightmares when they go to sleep, I think I have found a picture that will do just that.  I’m not sure where this zombie Superman was spotted (I’m guessing a Comic-Con type convention of some kind) but this is definitely some fantastic cosplay.  I […]

  • Zombie Like Button [pic]

    Facebook isn’t just for normal people, Facebook is for zombies too!  The Facebook Like button has become fairly iconic thanks to the social networks popularity over the past couple of years.  Well, apparently one zombie loving Facebook user decided the Like button wasn’t gross enough so they decided to sever a hand and paint the […]

  • Zombie Game Boy [pic]

    I have been lucky in that none of my gaming systems have ever died (although my first PS2 wont read disks anymore after I left it running for 4 years straight) so I don’t have to worry too much about any zombie consoles.  Apparently one Game Boy died a horrible death and has come back […]