This Playable Tetris Pumpkin Carving is Awesome! [pic + video]

One of the downsides of pumpkin carvings is that once the carving is done, they aren’t very interactive.  Sure, you hurl a pumpkin out into a field with some kind of cannon or other pumpkin hurling device but that is kind of a one shot deal and that is it because it will be smashed to bits when it lands.  Well, for the pumpkin loving Tetris fans, one person has decided to take their pumpkin and turn it into a working game of Tetris!

Nathan over at Haha Bird is the mastermind behind this playable Tetris pumpkin carving known as the Pumpktris!  The pumpkin carved into a playable version of Tetris took Nathan around 12 hours spread over a week and a half to make and features 128 LEDS for the game.  However, perhaps my favorite part is the use of the pumpkin’s stem as a joystick for controlling the game.  Talk about clever!

Check out the source link below for pictures and a great description of how the Pumpktris was made.

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Pumpktris Tetris Pumpkin
Playable Tetris Pumpkin

[Source:  Haha Bird via Obvious Winner]