Doctor Who TARDIS Pillow [pic]

What should a true Doctor Who fan lay their head on every night when they go to sleep?  A TARDIS pillow of course!  Nothing says I dream of being the Doctor’s companion quite like sleeping with the TARDIS.

A while back, I posted a rather minimalist TARDIS pillow you could get off of Etsy, but I think the TARDIS pillow below is a lot cooler!

I don’t know who made this awesome TARDIS pillow (if you know, please let us know in the comments so we can give them credit), but it is safe to say that I would give anything to have this as my pillow!

One warning though, if you do ever get a TARDIS pillow, you should beware of Dalek filled dreams.

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Doctor Who TARDIS Pillow

[Via Doctor Who Crafts]

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