Doctor Who Inspired TARDIS Pillow [pic]

Do you spend your nights dreaming of being the Doctor and traveling the universe in the TARDIS?  Well, I can’t make that dream come true (if I could do you think I would be here typing this?!), but I can point you in the direction of a really awesome TARDIS pillow!

Etsy seller FourEyesHandmade is selling this fantastic and environmentally friendly TARDIS pillow for $32.  If there is something vaguely familiar about this pillow, its because it is created by the same person that made the Dalek pillow I posted about recently using the same Eco-Felt (100% recycled plastic bottles) materials.

This might not be as awesome as the real TARDIS, but I would take a TARDIS pillow over a plain old pillow any day!

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Doctor Who TARDIS Pillow

[Source:  Etsy]






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