This Worms Cake is Epic! [pic]

The video game franchise that has sucked up my free time more than any other is easily the turn based strategy games Worms.  In the past, I have posted a pretty cool Worms birthday cake, but in honor of the new Worms Revolution game (which I haven’t got around to trying yet although the videos I have seen of it look amazing), I thought I should post this even more awesome Worms cake!

This awesome pirate themed Worms cake was created for Stuart W.’s 21st birthday by Stuart himself and his mother.  I suspect this Worms cake must have made for a very happy birthday!  I would almost guess that Stuart and his mother are professional cake makers because the detail on this cake is quite spectacular!  Congrats to both on the great cake!

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Worms Birthday Cake
Pirate Worms Birthday Cake

[Source:  Kotaku via Worms on Facebook]



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