This Worms Birthday Cake Looks Ready for Battle [pic]

As I have mentioned on here a couple of times in the past, one of my all time favorite games is pretty much any game from the Worms franchise (Worms 2 is really my favorite).  I don’t even want to guess how many thousands of hours I have spent lobbing holy hand grenades at enemy worms hoping to blow them off the map.

Well, it seems that somebody by the name of Will just turned 9 and they also have a love for the great casual / strategy game.  This fantastic Worms cake was created by Nicky at Small Things Iced in the UK.  I am impressed that the worms came out just as wacky and evil looking as they do in the actual game!  I’m just curious to know if it tasted as good as it looks?

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Worms Birthday Cake
Worms Birthday Cake

[Via:  Worms on Facebook]



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