Star Trek Combadge Mashup Tattoo [pic]

Considering all of the cool Star Trek tattoos I have seen over the years, I am kind of surprised that you don’t see more Starfleet combadge tattoos on people’s chest.  It seems like a really obvious idea for a tattoo so I am kind of surprised you don’t see it very often.

Well, there is one cool Star Trek lover that decided to do exactly that, but with a bit of a twist!  Andy Balkus got this awesome Star Trek combadge tattoo on his chest that is a mashup of the combadge from Star Trek: TOS and Star Trek: TNG.  The person that did the actual inking of this awesome tattoo was Rob at Brookland Park Tattoo in Richmond, VA.

I don’t know if this tattoo would help you live long or prosper, but I bet it would get you free drinks at any bar in Federation space!

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Star Trek Combadge Mashup Tattoo
Star Trek Combadge Tattoo

[Source:  Geeky Tattoos]