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  • When Star Trek Meets Star Wars Delicious Cookies Are Made [pic]

    Its not very often you see mash-ups between Star Trek and Star Wars despite the number of fans that love both.  I’m not quite sure why that is because I often see people combine one of those franchises with something else like Doctor Who or even Space Invaders but I have a feeling it has […]

  • Gingerbread Star Trek Communicator [pic]

    Even though I may not be a huge fan of eating gingerbread, I do appreciate seeing all of the cook gingerbread creations that people make this time of year.  I have posted a lot of cool gingerbread creations recently ranging from a gingerbread TARDIS and K9 to a gingerbread Millennium Falcon.  Well, now we have […]

  • These Star Trek Pancakes are Amazing! [pic]

    Being a huge Star Trek fan, I always thought it would be cool to have breakfast with the crew of the USS Enterprise, but I never considered the possibility of eating them for breakfast. I’m not positive who made these awesome Star Trek pancakes featuring the cast of the original series, but I think they […]

  • Stellar Star Trek Sulu and Spock Cakes [pic]

    Although the original Star Trek was never my favorite (DS9 is for those who are new to Global Geek News), I still enjoy seeing amazing cakes from all of the different Star Trek series.  Even if TOS isn’t my favorite, I still thought these amazing Spock and Sulu cakes were so well done there was […]

  • Star Trek Combadge Mashup Tattoo [pic]

    Considering all of the cool Star Trek tattoos I have seen over the years, I am kind of surprised that you don’t see more Starfleet combadge tattoos on people’s chest.  It seems like a really obvious idea for a tattoo so I am kind of surprised you don’t see it very often. Well, there is […]

  • Star Trek Cycle Jersey [pics]

    Its been quite a few years since I have ridden my bicycle, but if I had an awesome Star Trek cycling jersey like this, I would be biking everywhere I went!  This is perhaps the best motivation I could ever have to start getting back into a shape other than round. The awesome folks over […]