Awesome Ewok Cake [pic]

Based on the number of them I have posted, it seems like Start Wars cakes are about a time a dozen these days.  However, its not too often that you see an Ewok cake.  In fact, there has only been one other Ewok cake that I have posted on here before.  Well, for those that are big Ewok fans, I have found another awesome Ewok cake for you to admire!

This awesome Ewok cake was made by The Butter End Cakery.  Although I don’t know all of the details of the cake itself, apparently it was all hand carved and Wicket is 100% edible!  I’m not sure what it was made out of as it looks nothing like any cake I have ever posted, but I would find it odd if it was made of wax which is kind of what it looks like.

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Ewok Wicket Cake
Star Wars Ewok Cake

[Via Between the Pages]