Star Wars LEGO Clocks [pic]

What time is it in a LEGO galaxy far, far away?  Well, now you can find out with this awesome LEGO Star Wars clock that you can build yourself!

Instructables user YOUgNeek posted this guide on how to make this amazing LEGO Star Wars clock which he made for his son. Perhaps the coolest part is that you can swap out the LEGO Star Wars characters to personalize it in whatever way you choose.  For example, I would probably have Darth Vader fill in the spot on the clock where the 12 would be.

Anyway, this seems like a pretty easy project for those DIY people out there so if you want to know when it is a quarter till Boba Fett, give this Star Wars LEGO clock a shot!

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LEGO Star Wars Clock
Star Wars LEGO Clock

[Source:  Instructables]






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