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  • Fan Mods Old Game Boy Into A Clock

    Fan Mods Old Game Boy Into A Clock

    I have quite a few old Game Boys laying around but as far as I know, they are all still in working condition.  However, apparently one Game Boy fan had one laying around that I am guessing wasn’t functional anymore so they decided to turn it into a really cool clock! I’m not entirely sure […]

  • Animated Tetris Alarm Clock [pic]

    I stopped using an alarm clock years ago since my phone has that functionality built in and it works just as well as an alarm clock (except it can’t wake me up to FM radio like my old clock radio used to).  However, this animated Tetris alarm clock could easily convince me to go back […]

  • Star Wars LEGO Clocks [pic]

    What time is it in a LEGO galaxy far, far away?  Well, now you can find out with this awesome LEGO Star Wars clock that you can build yourself! Instructables user YOUgNeek posted this guide on how to make this amazing LEGO Star Wars clock which he made for his son. Perhaps the coolest part […]

  • Tetris Wall Clock [pic]

    Since I can already tell the time on every computer, video game console and gadget I own, not only do I no longer wear a watch, but I really don’t have a reason for a wall clock either.  Well, if I did decide to buy a wall clock (come to think of it, I could […]

  • A TARDIS Watch Fit for a Timelord [pic]

    When you are traveling though time, I’m sure it is pretty easy to lose track of time so what better way to fix that problem than with a TARDIS watch!  Personally, I stopped wearing a watch like 2 years ago when my last watch broke and I realized it was kind of silly to keep […]

  • NES Mario 8-Bit Clock With Swinging Goomba Pendulum [pic]

    These days, pretty much every gadget you could possibly own has a built in clock.  That is the reason that I stopped wearing a watch about a year and a half ago.  It seemed silly to have a dedicated time device when my phone, multiple MP3 players, Kindle and other devices could tell me the […]