This DIY R2-D2 Drink Dispenser Just Feels Naughty [pic + video]

If you are looking for a fun way to dispense drinks at your next Star Wars movie marathon party, then this is the droid you have been looking for!

Instructables user sadR2D2 has uploaded a DIY guide for making your own R2-D2 drink dispenser just like the one below.  As amazing as this R2-D2 drink dispenser is, it almost looks inappropriate as it appears that R2-D2 is peeing into your drink cup.  However, if you aren’t bothered by drinking droid pee, then this is probably the R2-D2 drink dispenser for you!

Major props to Matt Fuchs, Jessica Garcia, and Zach Hyder, the team that created this fantastic R2-D2 drink dispenser!

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R2-D2 Beverage Dispenser
R2-D2 Drink Dispenser

[Source: Instructables via Hack A Day]


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