This Doctor Who Wedding Cake Topper is Fantastic! [pic]

If you are looking to have a Doctor Who themed wedding, you can’t go wrong with this amazing TARDIS wedding cake topper!  If you combine it with the sonic screwdriver bouquet and the TARDIS wedding ring, you might just be declared the ultimate Whovian couple!

I don’t know who this made this awesome Doctor Who inspired TARDIS wedding cake topper with the bride and groom entering the TARDIS (let us know in the comments if you know you made it), but it is perhaps the coolest wedding cake topper I have ever seen!  However, it seems like the groom should be carrying the bride into the TARDIS rather than the bride leading the groom into it.

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TARDIS Wedding Cake Topper
Doctor Who TARDIS Wedding Cake Topper

[via That’s Nerdalicious]