These LEGO Batman and Spider-Man Cookies Look Delicious! [pic]

Normally, people tend to have cake to celebrate their birthday but one 6 year-old named Aidan apparently got a tray of awesome Spider-Man, Batman and LEGO brick cookies instead!  I’d say its a decent substitute for a cake but I’d still take cake over cookies any day.

Anyway, these delicious looking LEGO themed Spider-man, Batman and LEGO brick frosted cookies were created by cookieartisan.  The level of detail on these cookies is stunning!  I can’t even imagine how much time was involved in frosting these cookies to look like LEGO Batman, Spider-Man and LEGO bricks.  It was definitely worth every minute of effort though!

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LEGO Batman Spider-Man and LEGO Brick Cookies
LEGO Batman Spider-Man and LEGO Brick Cookies

[via Between the Pages]