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  • LEGO Brick McLaren Senna Made From Over 400,000 Bricks

    LEGO Brick McLaren Senna Made From Over 400,000 Bricks

    By now I’m sure you guys know that I am a huge gamer as well as a fan of really epic LEGO builds.  Like many gamers, I have been glued to the recent E3 press conferences and coverage and so when I saw this really amazing LEGO brick McLaren Senna made from over 400,000 bricks […]

  • 18,000-Piece LEGO Arkham Asylum

    18,000-Piece LEGO Arkham Asylum

    I used to love playing with LEGO as a kid and I would love to get back into it but I think they are just way too expensive for little pieces of plastic.  So until I win the lottery and don’t care about how I spend my money, I will just have to enjoy the […]

  • This LEGO Wall Mural is an Epic Tribute to Video Games [pic]

    It has been years since I have played with LEGO (they are some rather expensive pieces of colored plastic), but I am still quite fond of them as I spent a good part of my childhood building things with them.  The other part of my childhood was spent playing video games which is why I […]

  • This Legend of Zelda Hylian Shield Made with LEGO is Mind Blowing! [pic]

    During a little downtime yesterday, I was browsing Reddit (where I spend much of my free time) and I came across a post of a guy that build a Hylian Shield from the Legend of Zelda out of LEGO bricks! Reddit user remig is the LEGO lover behind this amazing LEGO Hylian Shield.  I’m not […]

  • These LEGO Batman and Spider-Man Cookies Look Delicious! [pic]

    Normally, people tend to have cake to celebrate their birthday but one 6 year-old named Aidan apparently got a tray of awesome Spider-Man, Batman and LEGO brick cookies instead!  I’d say its a decent substitute for a cake but I’d still take cake over cookies any day. Anyway, these delicious looking LEGO themed Spider-man, Batman […]