3D Piranha Plant Sidewalk Chalk Art [pic]

Wouldn’t you love to be strolling down the street and suddenly come across some amazing Super Mario Bros inspired sidewalk chalk art?  I know I would, but not even kids play around much with sidewalk chalk where I live.

Well, somewhere, there is a a sidewalk with this amazing 3D Piranha Plant drawn on it so at least somebody is going to experience the excitement of stumbling upon this piece of gaming art!

Reddit user PunchyMcSkeletor created this awesome piece of 3D sidewalk chalk art.  Especially when compared to the awesome chalk art I have posted in the past, like the Portal sidewalk chalk art, I’d say this turned out really well!  Great job PunchyMcSkeletor!

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Super Mario Bros 3D Piranha Plant Sidewalk Chalk Art
3D Piranha Plant Sidewalk Chalk Art

[Source:  Reddit]


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