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  • This Lord of the Rings Guitar is Incredible [pic]

    In the past, I have featured a ton of geeky guitars that have been made to look like all sorts of geeky icons.  For example, I have posted an amazing Millennium Falcon guitar, a Koopa Troopa electric guitar and many others ranging in beloved geek franchises from the Legend of Zelda to Halo.  When it […]

  • Super Mario Bros Etch-A-Sketch Art [pic]

    Like many my age, I grew up with an Etch-A-Sketch as a child.  Not having an artistic bone in my body, I never did much more with it than make a few lines every now and then, but I always thought it was an interesting toy as I was always curious how such a thing […]

  • A Wet Floor Sign … or Batman! [pic]

    Likely do to my lack of imagination, I’m not one to look at every day objects and see their potential as a geeky reference.  However, I love people that can look at every day objects and see humorous and geeky potential in them like is the case with this Batman wet floor sign! Unfortunately, I […]

  • Floor Map for The Big Bang Theory [pic]

    Fans of The Big Bang Theory such as myself have a pretty good grasp of the layout of the apartments for Leonard, Sheldon and Penny, but one person decided to go one step further and draw up a floor map for the apartments. Artist and DeviantART user Iñaki Aliste Lizarralde is the creator of this […]

  • Dark Knight Rises’ Bane Drawn on a Dirty Truck [pic]

    Around here, it is pretty common to walk through a parking lot, especially after a storm, and see a few filthy vehicles where others have decided to write something like “Wash me!” in the dirt on one of the windows.  Well, it looks like somebody went the extra mile and turned the unwashed truck into […]

  • R2-D2 Lunch Bag Art [pic]

    When I was a kid, students that didn’t eat whatever hot lunches that the school sold always had a lunch box (or some kind of insulated food container) with them although I can’t recall a single one that ever used the old fashioned paper lunch sack that was popular back in the days of black […]