Dark Knight Rises’ Bane Drawn on a Dirty Truck [pic]

Around here, it is pretty common to walk through a parking lot, especially after a storm, and see a few filthy vehicles where others have decided to write something like “Wash me!” in the dirt on one of the windows.  Well, it looks like somebody went the extra mile and turned the unwashed truck into a bit of Batman inspired Dark Knight Rises work of art!

I don’t know who made this awesome Bane drawing on the back of a truck (if you know, please let us know in the comments below so we can give them credit), but it turned out to be quite the impressive piece of dirt art!  If somebody did this to my car, that would be all the motivation I need to never wash it!

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Bane Drawing on a Dirty Truck
Dark Knight Rises Bane Drawing on a Dirty Truck

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    Great! Thanks!

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