30,000 Dominoes Remind You Why Nintendo is Great [video]

Image via CrunchBase

One of the most enjoyable and frustrating things to play with as a kid was dominoes.  It was an amazing feeling to see something that you have made go off perfectly but completely heartbreaking when things went off prematurely.  It is too bad that they aren’t popular like they once were because I think today’s kids would love them.

Well, at least some people still enjoy playing with dominoes enough to make this 30,000 domino tribute to Nintendo.  Apparently this was created by 15 year old referring to himself as a “professional domino-ist” and I wouldn’t disagree with that title after seeing this.  This is very impressive!

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  1. […] I have posted some pretty cool domino creations in the past like the 30,000 domino Nintendo build, I feel like dominoes has become a bit of a lost art.  Do kids even play with dominoes anymore? […]

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