3D Printed GLaDOS Ring [pic]

Every time I see something cool that was made with a 3D printer, it REALLY makes me want to get a 3D printer.  I just wish that they were a bit more affordable.  I just bought a new printer a couple nights ago and it was just $60.  Why can’t they be that cheap?!  Anyway, Shapeways user QUATRO is using his 3D printer to make Portal inspired GLaDOS rings.  He is selling this awesome 3D printed GLaDOS ring for $17.80 and it comes in ring sizes ranging from 8 to 13.  However, they will come in a solid color, so if you want it to look like this, you are going to have to do the painting yourself.

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3D Printed GLaDOS Ring
3D Printed GLaDOS Ring

[Source:  Shapeways]



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