Legend of Zelda Themed Beer Pong Table [pic]

What is the Legend of Zelda loving alcoholic to do when they are in need of a new beer pong table?  Make a beer pong table with the NES Legend of Zelda map of course!  Being somebody who doesn’t drink, I probably wouldn’t get as much enjoyment out of this as the person who built it, but I would still love to have a table like this in my house.  I posted another Legend of Zelda beer pong table in the past but there is just something cooler about this one.  You can’t help but sing the Legend of Zelda music in your head while looking at this!  This table measures 8′x3′ and 128 screens making up the Legend of Zelda world map.  Awesome!

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NES Legend of Zelda Beer Pong Table
NES Legend of Zelda Beer Pong Table

[via That’s Nerdalicious]



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