Zelda beer pong table [pic]

Since I don’t drink, I have never cared much about bar games like beer pong but I will admit this Legend of Zelda themed beer pong table is pretty cool.  I can honestly say this is the only video game themed beer pong table I have ever seen and whoever made it did a pretty good job although I think the edges could use some more paint to fix the spots where the paint has come off.

Make sure to pass this along to any beer pong and Legend of Zelda fans that you know!

Zelda Beer Pong Table
Zelda Beer Pong Table




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3 responses to “Zelda beer pong table [pic]”

  1. […] this as the person who built it, but I would still love to have a table like this in my house.  I posted another Legend of Zelda beer pong table in the past but there is just something cooler about this one.  You can’t help but sing the Legend of […]

  2. […] I still enjoy seeing really geeky beer pong tables.  In the past, I have posted a really cool Legend of Zelda inspired beer pong table as well as another Legend of Zelda beer pong table that is a map of the NES game.  Well, now it […]

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