R2-D2 Beanie Hat [pic]

When it comes to hats, I am a baseball cap kind of person but depending on how cold it gets this winter, I might give a beanie cap a shot since they look warmer.  Well, I think I have found just the beanie cap to do this job!  Etsy seller Enchanted Craft is selling this awesome R2-D2 beanie hat for $38.  This is perhaps the geekiest winter headgear I have ever seen!  If you are looking to keep your head warm and make it obvious to all those around you just how big of a geek you are, then this might just be the R2-D2 beanie cap for you!

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Star Wars R2-D2 Beanie Hat
Star Wars R2-D2 Beanie Hat

[Source:  Etsy via So Geek Chic]

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