Knitted Doctor Who TARDIS Socks [pic]

When it comes to items of clothing that you can make look really geeky, I never really think much about socks.  After seeing these awesome Doctor Who TARDIS knitted socks, I think I am going to have to give them some thought more often.  You never know what kind of geeky socks I might be missing just because I never think about them.  Sadly, I don’t think these socks are going to help you do any time or space traveling.  If you are a Doctor Who fan with some knitting skills, you can order the pattern for these socks from Ravelry for £4.50 GBP or about $7.47.

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Doctor Who Knit TARDIS Socks
Doctor Who Knit TARDIS Socks

[Source:  Ravelry via Neatorama]

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