Amazing Star Wars graffiti art [pic]

Since it is Star Wars Day, I figured one more Star Wars related post wouldn’t hurt.  Actually, it would be pretty cool!  I’m not sure where you can find this amazing Star Wars graffiti, but when it comes to my all time favorite graffiti art, it might just top the list.  In the past, I’ve posted some Star Wars AT-AT and AT-ST graffiti art or street art as some may call it but those can’t compare to this picture.  I wish I knew how long it took to make this amazing piece of Star Wars street art.  It took some serious talent to make this!  If you have seen any geeky graffiti art like this that you think we should post about, let us know in the comments!

Pass this along to anybody you know that is a lover of Star Wars!  Like us on Facebook too!  May the 4th be with you!


Star Wars graffiti art
Star Wars graffiti art

[via Will Pate]

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  1. […] so they had him painted on the side of their building.  I’m not sure it is as amazing as the Star Wars street art that I posted before, but it is still pretty […]

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