NES Lunchbox [pic]

I haven’t carried a lunch box since I was in grade school, but if I did need to start carrying one, you can bet it would be this awesome NES lunch box.  I would assume that the Nintendo Entertainment System in this picture was no longer working before it was turned into a lunch box, otherwise it is a crime against humanity to take a game console and turn it into something to store your food.  Apparently the creator of this has some extra NES systems laying around because he is selling NES lunch boxes for $80 on Etsy. Pass this along to any NES lovers that you know!  Like us on Facebook too!

NES lunch box
NES lunch box

[via So Geek Chic]



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  1. […] isn’t the first time that I have posted pictures of somebody making a lunchbox out of an old (and broken) NES console but this one is definitely cooler.  Unlike the first one I posted, this awesome food container has […]

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