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  • Pac-Man Makes for a Delicious Lunch [pic]

    Yesterday, I posted a really awesome boxed lunch that was made to look like one of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Well, from the same Lunchbox Awesome blog comes this fantastic Pac-Man lunch!  This delicious looking Pac-Man lunch represents everything about Pac-Man here from a ghost to the dots and even Pac-Man himself! I’ve seen […]

  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Lunch [pic]

    I’ve never been one for the whole boxed lunch thing.  I did it when I was in grade school but even then I always preferred to have whatever hot lunch the school was serving.  I guess I have just never been much of one for cold foods.  Well, maybe I would have enjoyed the whole […]

  • NES Lunchbox with Controller Handle [pic]

    This isn’t the first time that I have posted pictures of somebody making a lunchbox out of an old (and broken) NES console but this one is definitely cooler.  Unlike the first one I posted, this awesome food container has the NES controller for its handle.  This is definitely a cool way of giving the […]

  • NES Lunchbox [pic]

    I haven’t carried a lunch box since I was in grade school, but if I did need to start carrying one, you can bet it would be this awesome NES lunch box.  I would assume that the Nintendo Entertainment System in this picture was no longer working before it was turned into a lunch box, […]