How to get a Chome OS notebook

Google is now accepting applicants for its pilot program for the Chome OS.  If you are interested in getting a Chrome OS netbook test, you can apply here.

You will be asked a bunch of different questions from where they should ship the notebook to what kind of mobile device you use and what your computing habits are.  There is even a question about why you think you should be included in the pilot program which you have to respond to in less than 140 characters (although it doesn’t physically stop you at 140 or give you an idea of how many characters you have used).

Considering the OS isn’t supposed to ship until mid-2011, I would expect you will see a lot of bugs and rough edges but that is all part of the fun of being in a pilot program.  I should mention that you will be required to answer questions about your experience and bugs should you be accepted.  The notebook weighs in at 12.1″ with supposedly an 8 hour battery life with 8 hours of standby.  It also has 3G service through Verizon which I believe you get 100MB of free data a month and must pay for data past that.  One of the downsides is that there is no caps lock key so it will be harder to scream at people on the internet now.  The notebook manufacture, Investec, has supposedly already shipped 60,000 of these machines so assuming those aren’t all going to Google employees, I would say you might have a decent shot of getting one if you are in the program.  Good luck!





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