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  • Windows XP is Showing Its Age. Literally [pic]

    At this point, I think I would be safe in calling Windows XP ancient in computer years and apparently somebody decided to prove that with the default Windows XP wallpaper.  If this isn’t enough evidence to tell you that you need to ditch the aging Windows XP for the greener pastures of Windows 7 or […]

  • Pixelated Hourglass Salt Shaker [pic]

    Loading… Loading… Finally, your salt has arrived!  Somebody with a love for salt and old, slow operating systems came up with the idea for this awesome pixelated hourglass salt shaker.  Personally, I’m not a huge person for putting extra salt on my food.  I will put it on french fries or onion rings if they […]

  • Using Linux sounds dirty [cartoon]

    I’ve been using Linux since around my junior year of high school and it holds a special place in my heart.  There is nothing quite like getting your geek on with the command line to make some magic happen.  Well, I never really gave it much thought, but apparently, it can sound really dirty when […]

  • R2-D2 is powered by Android [pic]

    I find that I tend to learn something new every day.  Today, thanks to the t-shirt below, I learned that R2-D2 is powered by the Android operating system.  I wonder which version R2 runs?  I still have 1.5 on my Motorola i1 and I HATE it!  I never thought battery life could suck this bad […]

  • PC vs Mac: Who wins what category [infographic]

    Like many, I use many different operating systems on a regular basis.  My gaming destkop runs Windows 7, one of my netbooks runs Windows 7 while the other runs Ubuntu Linux and Windows XP and I also have a MacBook Pro which runs both OS X and Windows 7.  I like different operating systems for […]

  • Android Just Hungry T-Shirt [pic]

    Like many millions of other people, I am the owner of an Android based phone.  While I can’t call myself a happy owner, I still think this Android t-shirt is pretty funny and just plain cool.  It does an entertaining job of showing just how the OS is taking a bite out of Apple’s smartphone […]