Comcast sends mixed signals, sues FCC

Greetings Readers!

As I am sure you are aware by now, the FCC ruled against Comcast for throttling P2P traffic and has been ordered to stop and disclose all of their “network management” practices.  Comcast responded by saying they are working on a “protocol agnostic” system for managing their traffic which should be in place by the end of the year.  This would make sense if the story ended there.  Unfortunately, this isn’t following the path of “do something wrong, get caught, suffer the consequences.”  Instead of admitting their mistake and moving on, Comcast has decided to roll the dice and sue the FCC to try to get the ruling overturned.

Comcast is making no sense, first they say they will comply with the ruling and that they are already in the process of putting a new system in place and then they go and sue the FCC to have the ruling overturned.  If you are going to comply with the ruling, why spend the time and money dragging the issue out in court?  Essentially it all boils down to a single question, is Comcast on the side of the consumer or just another greedy corporation that cares more about the size of its bank account more than the people that pay to use its service?  Given this and the newly announced 250GB bandwidth cap, I think the answer to this question is rather obvious.

If there were any brains behind the operations at Comcast, they would be thanking the FCC for not giving them the fine of a lifetime among other actions that many have been calling for.  With everything that has happened with the FCC, the 250GB cap among other things, Comcast has a black eye right now and needs to do everything it can to show its not some evil company that is out to horde as much money as it can get its hands on.  Comcast needs to work on becoming a consumer centric company, where the consumer matters above all else.  If you can make customers happy and not give them the perception that you are out to screw them to help yourself, you are going to have a much easier time winning over potential customers to your service.

While what I am suggesting won’t happen overnight if it does at all, Comcast needs to get its message straight and not send mixed messages.  If they want to do whatever they can to help the consumer and live up to thier Comcastic slogan, that is the message they need to send.  If they don’t want that to be their message, they need to clarify exactly what their message is.  Saying one thing and then fighting against the consequences you earned is not the way to send a clear message.

I will be writing another Comcast related article later today specifically about the 250GB cap, but I decided I want this post out first.