The Most Amazing Dalek Wedding Cake Ever! [pic]

Back in May, I posted some awesome Dalek Wedding cake toppers that I know I would love to have on my own wedding cake should that day ever come.  Well, there are some people that are satisfied with Dalek wedding cake toppers and there are others that decide they need to go above and beyond and have the most amazing and realistic Dalek wedding cake ever!

This fantastic Dalek wedding cake that even the Doctor would love comes to us courtesy of my Facebook friend Jayson Peters who posted this on my wall a couple of days ago.  Unfortunately, I don’t know who made this cake to give them the credit they definitely deserve (if you know, please let us know in the comments below so we can give them credit).  Whoever made it, I would say their cake making skills are second to none and I would love to have a cake made by them some day!

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Dalek Wedding Cake
Doctor Who Dalek Wedding Cake

[Via: Jayson Peters]