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  • Surprising Facebook Statistics for 2010 [infographic]

    The Czech company Candytech has released a ton of Facebook statistics through its SocialBakers site with this impressive infographic.  The Facebook 2010 infographic is below but here are a couple of highlights that I found most interesting.  Thanks to TechCrunch for the heads up! Nearly 8 people signed up for Facebook every second in 2010. […]

  • Global Geek News Podcast #93

    Here are the shownotes for episode #93 for the Global Geek News Podcast. Subscribe on iTunes Download the MP3 Help support us with a $5/mo subscription! Stories: Study:  As more people talk while driving, accidents are dropping 16% of AT&T customers ready to jump ship to Verizon after Verizon iPhone announcement Steve Jobs takes leave […]

  • Stats for the Internet in 2010

    Image via Wikipedia A company called Pingdom has realeased some very impressive statistics for the state of the internet in 2010.  It is worth checking out all of the stats given in the previous link but here are some of the highlights that I found most interesting. 107 Trillion emails were sent in 2010, 89.1% […]

  • Amazing Halo: Reach statistics [infographic]

    Its safe to say people are going pretty crazy with Halo: Reach lately and nothing backs that up more than this infrographic with some shockingly big numbers.  Here are just a couple fascinating facts from the Halo Reach multiplayer between 9/14/10 and 12/10/10. 24 THOUSAND YEARS has been spent playing the game There has been […]