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  • Amazing Angry Birds Cupcake Tower [pics]

    I’ve largely broken my addiction to Angry Birds although I still play the occasional game however I just can’t seem to get enough Angry Birds themed food.  I’ve posted a bunch of Angry Birds cakes in the past including a playable Angry Birds cake but I am pretty sure this is the first Angry Birds […]

  • Cute Angry Birds Cake [pic]

    As a hardcore gamer, I generally despise most casual games (I have many reasons) but even I am addicted to Angry Birds.  So, when I saw this cool Angry Birds cake, I knew I had to post it.  Its not quite as impressive as the Angry Birds cake I posted last week, but it is […]

  • Angry Birds cupcakes [pic]

    Although I don’t think these cupcakes live up to the awesomeness of the Sonic the Hedgehog cupcakes I posted earlier this week, these Angry Birds cupcakes are still really awesome.  I’m not sure if the various Angry Birds characters are edible on these cupcakes but they still look good.  Its stuff like this that really […]

  • Angry Birds USB flash drives [pics]

    Although I rarely depend on USB flash drives these days thanks to the wonder that is Dropbox, I still keep at least two on me at all times just in case.  If you are like me and always carry USB drives with you and have an addiction to Angry Birds, you can combine the two […]

  • Scary Angry Bird Zombies [pics]

    I think one of the biggest appeals to many people is the fairly cutesy look of the various birds and pigs in Angry Birds.  However, some people would prefer them to look a little more blood thirsty.  Tomasz Kaczkowski is one such person.  Tomasz does a lot of illustrations and has now done some called […]

  • An Angry Bird makes friends with a pig [funny video]

    Its no secret that I am a huge fan of the addicting Angry Birds games which is probably why I love this video so much.  Even though the birds are constantly trying to kill the pigs, there is always an exception of one that wants to make friends and this hilarious video below proves that. […]