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  • Incredible Star Wars Origami Tutorial Videos

    Incredible Star Wars Origami Tutorial Videos

    One of the few things I remember from grade school was that I think during the 4th grade we had a high schooler from Japan that the teacher was housing as part of a foreign exchange program come in and share a bit with us about Japanese culture.  One of the the things she showed […]

  • Star Trek Money Origami [pic]

    I’ve always been impressed with people that are masters at origami.  It is mind blowing some of the things that some people can make by just folding paper.  The only origami I have ever done was to make a frog that jumps back in grade school thanks to a foreign exchange student from Japan that […]

  • Battlestar Galactica Viper Papercraft [pic]

    I am ways impressed when people make something really cool out of simple paper.  I remember in grade school we had a girl from Japan teach us some origami but an origami frog is the closest I have ever come to doing much papercraft.  Well, there are some people out there that are really talented […]

  • Star Wars Jedi Origami [pic]

    The love for origami in the geek community seems to be growing because now somebody has taken the art of paper folding to the Star Wars universe.  Its been too long since I have watched all of the Star Wars movies to know if this is supposed to be a specific character or if this […]

  • Origami Batman [pic]

    I’ve seen some pretty cool origami in the past but this origami Batman is probably the coolest I have ever seen.  This folded paper awesomeness was created by Brian Chan.  Personally, I am more of a fan of the Batman from the tv show in like the 60s rather than this Batman Forever look but this […]