Star Trek Money Origami [pic]

I’ve always been impressed with people that are masters at origami.  It is mind blowing some of the things that some people can make by just folding paper.  The only origami I have ever done was to make a frog that jumps back in grade school thanks to a foreign exchange student from Japan that would come in occasionally and teach us something about her country.  Anyway, some origami master apparently decided to take a couple dollar bills and turn them into the Enterprise from Star Trek!  It is awesome!  If you have any awesome origami skills, let us know in the comments!

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Star Trek Enterprise Origami
Star Trek Enterprise Origami

[via George Takei]






One response to “Star Trek Money Origami [pic]”

  1. Michael Rehse Avatar

    But, the REAL question is: Does the saucer separate?

    (I know, I know… it’s OBVIOUSLY the original Constitution class Enterprise… but still)

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