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  • Incredible Two-Face Gun Powder Art

    Incredible Two-Face Gun Powder Art

    Just when I thought I had heard of everything, I recently discovered that there was such a thing as gun powder art.  From what I can tell, you basically create your work of art out of gun powder, light it and then the image is burned into the canvas.  It is a pretty cool effect […]

  • A Wet Floor Sign … or Batman! [pic]

    Likely do to my lack of imagination, I’m not one to look at every day objects and see their potential as a geeky reference.  However, I love people that can look at every day objects and see humorous and geeky potential in them like is the case with this Batman wet floor sign! Unfortunately, I […]

  • Marvel and DC Superhero Easter Eggs [pic]

    I can’t even remember the last time I did the Easter Egg decoration thing as it has been a lot of years ago, but I know I never made anything cool like these with my Easter eggs.  I would always stick with just one solid color on my eggs but that wasn’t enough for journalist […]