Two Face Gun Powder Art Final

Incredible Two-Face Gun Powder Art

Just when I thought I had heard of everything, I recently discovered that there was such a thing as gun powder art.  From what I can tell, you basically create your work of art out of gun powder, light it and then the image is burned into the canvas.  It is a pretty cool effect with a great result!  And to show you just how cool this gun powder art thing is, I stumbled across this gifv of some Two-Face gun powder art that is sure to blow you away!

This incredible work of Two-Face gun powder art was apparently created by Instagram user Dino Tomic.  As you can see in this Two-Face gun powder art gif, it looks like half of it starts as Batman and half of it as Two-Face.  The Two-Face half gets lit on fire and buns into the canvas while the Batman half remains un-phased (I’m not sure what that part was but apparently not gun powder).  After the fire goes out and the canvas is tilted up, the Batman part falls away to reveal the normal, non-scared part of Two-Face from the Dark Knight movie.

This is quite an impressive work of art and something that I would certainly love to hang on my bedroom wall!

Now that I know about gun powder art, if I find any more geeky gun powder art, I will be sure to share it!  And if you have any that you have created, feel free to send it to me with the contact link at the top of the page so I can see it and perhaps blog about it!

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