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  • The Dark Knight Rises Fingernail Art [pic]

    If you love Batman and enjoy the various fingernail art posts that I write fairly often, then I have some amazing Batman themed fingernail art for you!  This Dark Knight Rises fingernail art is made to look just like the movie poster! Ying, the professional nail artist over at Nail Art Express made this Dark […]

  • Mind Blowing Dark Knight Rises 3D Street Art [pic]

    Are you excited for the new Batman movie yet?  Well, you will be after seeing this awesome Dark Knight: Rises 3D street art! I can’t seem to find who the artist is that made this mind blowing Dark Knight: Rises street art, but apparently this can be seen somewhere in Madrid, Spain.  I suspect this […]

  • Warner Bros Displaying All Six Batmobiles for the First Time at Comic-Con 2012 [pic]

    I was already kind of kicking myself for not making plans to go to the San Diego Comic-Con this year but now I am really hating myself.  Warner Bros is going to display all of the Batmobiles together for the first time at some some kind of extra event at SDCC called Extra at Comic-Con.  […]