The Dark Knight Rises Cupcake [pic]

Despite the tragedy that happened the opening night of the newest Batman movie, the Dark Knight Rises, there still seems to be a ton of enthusiasm about the movie. Its that enthusiasm that has driven people to make all kinds of fantastic tributes to the movie such as this awesome Dark Knight Rises cupcake!

This awesome looking shattered Dark Knight Rises cupcake was made by Ant from Nerdache Cakes and I’d say it looks amazing!  I have yet to see the movie yet myself (I went on opening night but couldn’t stand sitting in the front couple of rows so I turned around and went home), but this cupcake makes me want to see it even more!  And I am also hungry for cupcakes now.

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Batman Dark Knight Rises Cupcake
Batman Dark Knight Rises Cupcake

[Source:  Nerdache Cakes via That’s Nerdalicious]






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