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  • Bioshock Big Daddy Backpack

    Bioshock Big Daddy Backpack

    I can’t say I know why, but as much as I have always seemed to enjoy playing Bioshock whenever I try to give it a go, I have yet to manage to stick with it and actually finish any of the Bioshock games.  I don’t know what the problem is because I find it engaging […]

  • Amazing Fan Metal Made Bioshock Infinite Patriot Sculpture

    Amazing Fan Metal Made Bioshock Infinite Patriot Sculpture

    Although I have had the game since nearly the time it came out (well, I think it was the first big Steam sale after it came out because these days I will almost never pay full price for a game), I still have yet to get around to playing Bioshock Infinite.  Truthfully, I never did […]

  • Big Daddy Mr. Potato Head for Bioshock Fans [pics]

    One of the iconic toys from my childhood that you don’t hear much about these days is Mr. Potato Head.  I guess it makes sense that you don’t hear much about him anymore since most of today’s kids are obsessed with video games and the internet.  However, one of the things that made Mr. Potato […]

  • Bioshock Themed Beer [pic]

    I may not be one for drinking alcohol but I do have an appreciation for unique beer bottles.  As a kid, I remember my dad collecting unique beer bottles like ones that were shaped like baseball bats.  Well, now there seems to be a cool beer bottle idea for Bioshock fans.  This Brow Sweat craft […]

  • Bioshock Monopoly [pic]

    I love a good game of Monopoly (I play it all the time on my iPod Touch and iPad) but I have never been one to play anything other than the traditional version however I will admit that this Bioshock version looks awesome!  I would say it is definitely right up there with the Fallout […]