Custom Bioshock Big Daddy Engagement Ring Box [pic]

If past posts are any indication, I enjoy gamer romance, especially when it involves custom engagement ring boxes, cool proposals and stuff like that.

Earlier this week, I posted about a custom TARDIS engagement ring box that had lights and was just all kinds of cool.  Well, the same guy that created the TARDIS engagement ring box also created this rather spectacular looking Bioshock Big Daddy engagement ring box.

Paul Pape Designs creates custom engagement ring boxes that run anywhere from $300-800 depending on the complexity of the box.  While I don’t know for sure, I would guess this amazing Bioshock inspired Big Daddy engagement ring box would probably be closer to the $800 price as it seems like it would require quite a bit of work to make.

I don’t know if I will ever see another Bioshock engagement ring box, but even if I do, I have my doubts that it could be any more impressive than this Big Daddy ring box!

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Bioshock Engagement Ring Box
Bioshock Big Daddy Engagement Ring Box

[Source:  Paul Pape Designs]


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