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  • Star Wars Imperial March Performed by a Toaster

    Star Wars Imperial March Performed by a Toaster

    I think it might be the pinacol of geekdom to make everyday objects play your favorite geeky songs when they obviously weren’t meant to be used as a musical instrument.  I’ve posted a number of such geeky musical creations in the past so when I saw this one, I knew I had to share it […]

  • Boba Fett Kitchenaid Mixer [pic]

    It is pretty common for people to do something geeky to their computers, game consoles or other gadgets, but it is not every day you see somebody turn a kitchen appliance into geek art.  In fact, the only other instance I can think of that I have seen is the TARDIS refrigerator.  Well, one Star […]

  • TARDIS Mini-Fridge [pics]

    If I had any spare outlets in my room, I would love to have a mini-fridge next to my desk so I wouldn’t have to go to the kitchen so often to refill my drink which would really come in handy during marathon gaming sessions.  While any mini-fridge would certainly do the job, I would […]

  • Doctor Who TARDIS Refrigerator [pic]

    One of the things I hate about refrigerators is how plain they look.  There seems to be very little originality and style when it comes to the fridge.  No wonder people put all kinds of garbage on their fridge, even if it is the world’s ugliest looking macaroni art.  Well, at least Doctor Who fans […]