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  • Amazing R9-D9 Housekeeping Droid Is the Droid You Are Looking For

    Amazing R9-D9 Housekeeping Droid Is the Droid You Are Looking For

    If there is one thing I wish I didn’t have to do it would be clean the house.  I definitely understand why rich people will hire somebody to clean their house for them because I hate it and it takes up a huge amount of my spare time.  Especially when its shedding season for my […]

  • Art Deco R2-D2 Looks Like A Retro Appliance

    Art Deco R2-D2 Looks Like A Retro Appliance

    A lot of people love the art deco style and its no wonder why games like Bioshock have been made in that style because it does have this really cool vintage look.  Well, if there is one thing I can’t say I ever expected to be done in that style it would be the lovable […]

  • Doctor Who TARDIS Smart Safe for iPhone & Android Phones [pics]

    Having a small safe for keeping little things out of the hands of the other people in your house of apartment can be quite convenient.  I’m not talking about some 75 pound fireproof safe, but something small enough that can sit on your desk and hold important items like a watch, ring or perhaps a […]

  • Another Amazing Angry Birds Star Wars Cake [pic]

    Like many people, I have probably spent much more time than I would care to admit playing the Angry Birds games.  Whether it is the original, Angry Birds Rio, Angry Birds Seasons or even Angry Birds Star Wars, I have played them all and one could make the case that I might be slightly addicted […]

  • C-3PO Continuous Line Drawing [pic]

    I can’t draw anything other than the ugliest stick figures you have ever seen to save my life, but apparently a guy by the name of Sam Hallows can not only draw pretty well, he can do it in one continuous line!  He has done a lot of Star Wars continuous line drawings but I […]

  • R2-D2 is powered by Android [pic]

    I find that I tend to learn something new every day.  Today, thanks to the t-shirt below, I learned that R2-D2 is powered by the Android operating system.  I wonder which version R2 runs?  I still have 1.5 on my Motorola i1 and I HATE it!  I never thought battery life could suck this bad […]